The New Slang Blog – The Beginning

Thanks for visiting the newslangblog: a site for two aspiring filmmakers to post their reviews and opinions on the music and media we are given today. If you’re a filmmaker, artist, blogger, musician, entrepreneur, or every day citizen — or more than one of these — I hope you’ll find the upcoming content useful.  With that I’ll just say again that these are just our personal reviews and opinions, and do not reflect the opinions or likeness of any others that may be mentioned on the site.

You’re probably asking yourself, “what do you mean ‘we’? You’re not just one guy?”.  That is correct.  We are in fact not one but two people.  I, whose words you are reading at this moment, am Eric Brown(Eric Brown Cinematography, Siravo, Young Folks Comedy).  I am an aspiring filmmaker, freshly starting off a production company, and in the hobbies of making music.  NewSlangBlog frontman number 2 would be Jonathan Carmelia(Young Folks Comedy, nohaven).  I’ll let him indulge in himself when he writes his post later on.

newslangblog will feature new posts as often as things come out, to stay in the know, subscribe to RSS, or find me on Twitter or Facebook.


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