Who is Eric Brown?

The day Eric had first opened his science class text-book in 1st grade, he knew that very moment, an astronomer is what he wanted to be.  Then 8 years later he changed his mind and realized he wanted to make movies instead, space is dangerous and exploring it is just kind of ridiculous if you think about it.  Yeah, everyone wants to know the meaning of life, and why we are here, but the cosmos is filled with deadly radiation and super massive black holes, Eric said ‘no thanks’.  From that point on he set out to educate himself in graphic design, special effects, and channeling his artistic talent the best he could, to some day be the greatest cinematographer in the world.

Who is Jonnie Carmelia?

idk amn

Then, during their sophomore year, Jonnie and Eric had reconnected during a student prep class, which sparked the birth of the thriving comedy troupe, “Young Folks Comedy“.  Now, years later, they have accomplished more than 50 short films, a television show pilot, and 1st place over all in a national 24 hour Film Race.  In the future they plan to work on an internet based web series, expanding each others production company’s, and completing their first feature.  For now they continue to make skits, and have started this blog as an outlet to share their opinions on their favorite musicians, movies, directors, actors, and anything behind the scenes they feel they care about.


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